Mr. Electric’s Electrical Services & Installations in Bucks County, Delware County & Montgomery County

If you've recently purchased a new cooktop, dryer, double wall oven, ranges, and range hoods, you already know that lugging that big box inside is only half the work. Electric installs for major appliances is a serious job that often involves tapping into your home’s water, electric, or gas systems. Don't spin your wheels or risk property damage and injury; save your time and energy by calling Mr. Electric, your local electric installation experts.

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At Mr. Electric, your satisfaction is our top priority. And we pledge to complete our work on time without leaving a mess behind. For more information about our services or to request an estimate, call Mr. Electric today.

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Fixing It Vs. Replacing It:

Sometimes older items are so damaged that it is more economical to replace them instead of repairing them. Mr. Electric can guide you to the most cost-effective solution every time. Our goal is to install appliances the right way in order to provide the most longevity for your electrical items.

Free In-Home Quotes are available to all customers. Mr. Electric is bonded, insured, and offers parts guarantees. To find out more about our electrical services in Bucks County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County call us at 215-664-7585.

Here is a list of some of the jobs we do that will save you time and money:

Electrical Appliance Installation

Mr. Electric specializes in wiring and setting up ovens, dryers, stove tops, ranges, microwaves, and other household devices. We provide fast setup and test all appliances to make sure they are in working condition. Utilizing our professional staff on day one means that you won’t need to constantly be paying for repairs later.


Safely wiring chandeliers, track lights, recessed lights and other light fixtures can be tricky. (Unless you are Mr. Electric. Then it can be a routine and affordable job.) We also handle landscape lighting to help clients liven up patios, walk-ways, porches, and decks!

Ceiling Fan Installations

Save money on electricity by utilizing fans on days where air conditioning is unnecessary. Have peace of mind knowing that our expects properly secured the spinning blades above you! We also install attic fans, gable fans, and bathroom exhaust fans.

Home Troubleshooting (Outlets, Switches, Panels, etc)

If your circuits are not working, you’ll have nowhere to charge your electronics. We provide a thorough dignostic of all electric systems to help optimize your energy output around your entire home or office. Additionally, Mr. Electric will wire and install your TVs, internet, and telephone so you can relax once the job is done!


With around the clock availability, our team offers several services that could benefit not only your home or business, but also the environment. Whether it’s for safety and security or specialty lighting for the holiday season, Mr. Electric can assist you with your every need.